On a bright September day American was in a state of dismay.

Something or someone had attacked us perhaps trying to break our trust.

People standing around not knowing what to say.

Then someone in the crowd said let’s pray.

So many lives were lost

Destruction at such a tragic cost.

Was this tragic event because of hate and put American in a panic state.

People’s eyes filled up with tears

Their hearts raced with fear.

Planes flew into the Twin Towers causing a bust of firey showers

People were trapped but remained strong 

Even when things continued to go wrong.

No one wanted to die.

So everyone knew they had to try.

No one wanted America to fall

So everyone stood tall.

Working together day by day

Expressing kindness in every way.

Soon America was back on her feet

And life again was so sweet

We’ll never forget that day

Because life for all changed in a big way

America again had stood the test

Simply because she always does her best.

—Pat Holt, South Boston



I Need a Nap

My housework’s piling up on me,

but I don’t give a crap.

I’ve been awake eight hours straight.

Right now I need a nap.


The stress of waking up each day

is more than I can bear.

Do you realize the strength it takes

to wash and dry my hair?


Just cooking breakfast wears me out.

The dishes sit for days.

If this is how life pays me off,

then I deserve a raise.


If misery’s a predator,

I’ve fallen in its trap.

But I’ll escape it later, as

right now I need a nap.

—David D. Irby



Happy Tastes Sweet

Have you noticed?

When you feel happy everyone around you seems to be having a very nice day.

That situation you were concerned about seems small now.

The flowers have a sweeter smell, the breeze blowing in is just when you need it most.

As God wants us to enjoy each day.

Yes, a happy feeling makes everything you do taste sweet.

—Pat Roberts

 South Boston


God, You Are Awesome!

God, You are so wonderful!

My voice to You I raise.

Your kindness if greater than life.

For this I give You praise!


You are my strength and my comfort,

My rock of salvation and peace.

You’re the strong tower of my defense.

Your love and mercy never cease.


Thank you for being my shepherd

And always seeing me through.

Help me to seek your help and guidance

In everything that I attempt to do.

— Barbara Stevens, South Boston 




S - Summer, O Summer, I’d forgotten how much I do love you.

U – Until you start to go, contented I’ll be, and happy too.

M – Maybe you’ll bring a shower today, it would suit me fine.

M – Maybe those cumulus clouds are a sign, a sure sign.

E – Even ‘tho the wind does blow, I wanted you to know.

R – Remember, summer, I’d forgotten, how much I do love you.

— Julia Carrington, South Boston