You’ve heard

When I get my blessing I’m going to remember you

You don’t have to be rich to bless someone

Sometimes in the right situation a hug will do.

A group of well chosen,

Softspoken words from the heart,

A gift that will last forever,

Never wear out, and never depart.

A caring hand reaching out,

Touching, giving support and comfort.

If you need me, I’m there for you.

A well carved smile upon a caring face,

Yes greet a fellow brother or sister

In this human race.

Look a man in his eye, acknowledge

His presence as you walk by.

A sneeze, achoo, followed by a bless you.

And every opportunity I’m available, may I help you.

Hold that door for one second more,

It will become more of a habit than a chore.

These are good gifts, and you don’t

Even have to go to a store.

Visit the sick, because it could have been you.

And thank God that you are able too.

Bite your tongue, and turn lowly cursings

Into rich blessings.

Rumors start.

How about letting them end with you.

For you my friend that’s the least I can do.

So many riches,

And blessing contained within this treasure

Chest called me,

And to open this chest the heart is the key.

An abundance of blessings is always there.

Even when cash money has abandoned you.

—Matthew McCargo Jr., June 20, 2018