I Will Stay

Doctors and nurses as important roles as they play

Only seem to get in her way

With my child I will stay

In your care is my child today

Take good care of her I pray.


A servant to her little one she has become

Taking charge of simple tasks that must be done

No delegating such a tedious task

Just tell me my child you don’t have to ask.


“Am I going to be okay her little one asked?”

The doctor’s delay, but mom would boldly say

Yes my child, the Lord will take care of you today

And here beside you I will stay.


Food and drink brought in daily by tray

But for our daily bread, mother would pray

And I would silently say

For a mom this good, I could never repay.


Visitors came each and every day, some my mom encouraged to stay.

Others she kindly sent away, depending on how I’m feeling today.

She would say thank you all for coming and please continue to pray

Jesus will take care of us – in His special way.


In the middle of each night I awake to see

Mom trying to make herself comfortable in that hard, lumpy chair.

Not complaining about my sickness, my misery she did bear,

And it’s then she thanks God for a mom that really cares.


And I know from that chair she would pray

That healing is here today

And until my child is well

Here I will stay!

—Matthew McCargo Jr. South Boston


Our Daily Walk

It should be our daily desire and pursuit

To spend time with God every day.

That’s how we deepen our relationship with him,

Talking to Him as we go on our way.


Just as our bodies daily need water

To remove waste and aid our digestion, too.

Our spiritual bodies need hydration, and

Daily contact with our Father, we should pursue.


Without prayer we have irritability and dry souls.

A daily time of prayer and praise is the cure.

We need Jesus each day to keep us going.

His love for us is always steadfast and sure.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston


You Never Know

This morning, the first red leaf of fall was on my back yard tree

Like saying “Here I Am”.

A little yellow bird passing by your window,

A gentle breeze just when you were thinking I need relief from this sun.

As every day God gives us little things to smile about.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston 


October (sonnet)

Oh how I love to see October come.

The summer heat gives way to autumn chill.

On every porch I see, there sits a mum;

and trees start shedding leaves. They know the drill.


Big bales of hay and pumpkins decorate

most every lawn I see when I go out.

And Halloween’s a very festive date.

(The kid in you knows what that’s all about.)


The hunter’s moon is such a site to see,

and stars somehow shine clearer in the fall.

Small towns put on a harvest jubilee,

and Christmas stuff appears down at the mall.


The autumn truly sets my heart aglow.

Oh how I’ll hate to see October go.

—David Irby, Halifax