The Path to Verity (modern sonnet)

Our lives are one long rough and rocky road.

We’re gonna make mistakes along the way.

We’ll often pay much more than we are owed,

and every one of us is gonna stray.


Through trial and error in our callow youth,

we learn from blunders made, becoming wise.

And every one will lead us to the truth.

Our screw ups pull the wool out of our eyes.


Our lapses in good judgment when we’re young

help lead us to good judgment when we’re old.

Each indiscretion is another rung

we climb to join the perspicacious fold.


The foolishness of youth brings clarity

and puts us on the path to verity.

David D. Irby


Please Don’t Go Hummingbirds

It grows so sad, when you must go

I guess it’s cause I love you so

We’ve been thru much this summer long

The world is torn, the same old song.

You lifted my spirits up on high

And now you’re trying to say goodbye

So now go on, fly away

I’ll see you next year on a sunny day.

It grows so sad when you must go

I guess its ‘cause I love you so.

Julia Carrington, South Boston

The Babysitter

One sunny afternoon the babysitter decided to take the little 1-year-old out for a walk. She thought the baby may enjoy seeing the hose. The baby always had her pacifier in her mouth.

The baby was excited to see the horse. She tried to say something. As her little mouth opened, her pacifier fell on the ground. The horse picked it up and started sucking on it like a baby.

Baby was crying, babysitter trying to get pacifier from horse mouth. Was so funny.

As God loves to see us laugh, even animals can bring a smile.

Pat Roberts, South Boston