The Little Laughing Pup

Mom and little girl went to the pet store.

Many, many pets hoping to go to a new home.

This little white snowball looking pup saw the little girl.

He tried to get her attention, jumping, barking, crying.

So! When the little girl looked his way.

It was love between both of them.


Mom! We have to bring my pup home.

Now, the little pup laughs every day.

His home is all he wanted with people who love him.


As God loves to see us with the ones that make us laugh.

—Pat Robert, South Boston


By-Gone Years

O, take me back to by-gone years.

With much gay laughter, please no tears.

Make me young, and full of life.

Give me joy, leave off strife

A perfect world this seems to be

I’m just describing heaven you see.

Take me back to by-gone years.

—Julia Carrington, South Boston