7 Christmas Wishes


With the Christmas season approaching, special gifts I seek to find,

To express my love and appreciation to family and close friends of mine.


Discouraged that no gift ideas to my mind appeared,

Led my thoughts to other options as the deadline quickly neared.


I thought material gifts too often break or simply fade,

Why not give wishes that cannot be bought or made?


So, this year, my special presents to you will be

7 wishes for priceless gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree.


I wish for you HOPE for a brighter tomorrow,

In times of uncertainty, trouble, pain and sorrow.


I wish for you PATIENCE as you pray on bended knee,

To wait on God’s infinite wisdom to grant your earnest plea.


I wish for you HUMILITY delivered from selfish pride,

Void of prejudice against others and letting God’s pathway be your guide.


I wish for you KINDNESS willing to lend a helping hand,

To those in need of someone just to listen and understand.


I wish for you LOVE received and shared beyond measure,

A heart filled with peace and compassion is a rare gift to treasure.


I wish for you FORGIVENESS in a world with hurtful words and deeds,

May offering apologies and granting pardons become your life’s solemn creed.


I wish for you FAITH to believe in what you cannot see,

That God created this world and sacrificed His only son for you and me.


So, during this Christmas season of remembrance and giving,

May you be blessed with a life in Christ – a life truly worth living.

—Judy Lacks, Scottsburg



My Little Friend Reese

Mommy brought the little girl a surprise; laying on the front seat was a little brown puppy. The little girl could not wait to get her surprise home.

As days rolled into weeks and years the little puppy and little girl shared a strong love. The little puppy loved to go for afternoon rides in the truck.

Reese’s favorite time was sharing time with his little friend. Some day he would just stand and watch her play on her swing, jump on her trampoline and sometimes she would read him a story. He always protected his little friend. As God put those two together to share a deep love and have fun together.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston


Charlie’s Gift

Thank you, Lord, for Charlie’s gift,

And for the gift of Charlie.

As poor as he is

He gives and he gives.

He gives of himself.

He gives of his smile.

Let me sit right here

And sup with him awhile.

The man has no guile.

—Shirley Satterfield, South Boston