I Pray

I pray for the new year of 2021

That the world live to love and forgive.


Remember all we went through in the year gone by and

I know we will all look back and ask ourselves 

Why did so many have to suffer and die.


Some say it came from China,

Some say it came from God.

No matter from where it came,

We just know it caused so much pain.


They say pain is weakness leaving the body

So for that we should all be made stronger.


To love all the good things that with hope and prayers,

The New Year will bring for all those who suffered and have gone on

We know we will miss them and still wish they were here

But deep in our hearts we still hold them dear.


So let us pray for a miracle that I know God can give,

For a loving and caring Happy New Year.

—Gwendolyn Tutt, South Boston