The Birds Are Calling Up Spring

The birds want to see bumble bees, buttercups, shiny green grass

And children enjoying the long spring evening with a game of catch

And a tall glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.


So when we hear the little birds,

This is what they are talking about.


As God is hearing them, and He is on the job.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston


Peace With Our Neighbor

After finding peace with God,

There’s something else we need to do.

We need to find peace with others

And broken friendships again renew.


We’re all so different in so many ways

Our religions, and political parties too.

We argue, fight, kill, and all for what?

This is not what God wants us to do.


We’re only temporary visitors on this earth.

We might as well learn to get along.

We need to learn to understand each other.

As focusing on what divides us is wrong.


We should love our neighbor as ourselves.

God told us this many years ago.

Our world would be a much happier place.

And we’d all be happier we know.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston


Mood Swings 

Blessed be the name of the Lord,

For a mood swing

Is a temporary thing,

A momentary sting of an arrow.

But God establishes 

The permanent way;

He’s here to stay,

With the righteous straight and narrow

That nourishes a bone’s deep marrow. 

So take heart my friend,

This isn’t the end.

Your mood swing is a fleeting thing,

A momentary sting of an arrow. 

—Shirley Satterfield,

South Boston