The Cousins

Oh the cousins

The cousins

The many, many cousins

Cousins alone

Or in a pair

With many stories to share

Cousins, cousins

Count them by the dozens

Fat cousins, thin cousins

Short cousins, tall cousins

Ugly cousins, pretty cousins

Big cousins, small cousins

Clover cousins, stupid cousins

Rich cousins, poor cousins

Are you sure they are your cousins?

Cousins, cousins

My, oh my, the cousins

Some cousins are exciting

While others are a bore

Some cousins are more frightening

And some you just ignore

Some cousins are athletic

Some cousins are musicians

Some are just pathetic

And cause right much confusion

Cousins, oh the cousins

See them coming today

Cousins, oh the cousins

Get the h--- out of their way

With their firsts, seconds

And thirds

Where there is never

A loss for words.

—Billy Orrell, South Boston


My Church Family

Recently I had to enter the hospital

And I had to stay for quite a while.

My church friends at Dan River Baptist

Faithfully called me and made me smile.


Since we had the problem with the Covid virus,

And we’ve not met together as we usually do

I hadn’t seen some of the members in quire a while.

When I had my medical problem to ensue.


Thank all of you my Dan River Church friends

For all of your prayers and calls to me

Hopefully things will get better for all of us soon,

And we can be together again as a church family.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston


Her Busy Morning

She had a few things to deal with,

She deals with them in order of importance.

One by one, she keeps telling herself it will work out fine.

A loft of patience is needed here.

Soon her problems turned into not a problem.

She is proud of staying calm and focusing on one thing at a time.

Hey! After all that; a nice lunch out is what is needed.

As God likes watching us work things out in a calm why.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston



As My Mentor, for me you wanted so much more

Trials and tribulations that life has in store,

I can go boldly for you have been there before.

And like a trained eagle I soar.

Thank you for the time and patience spent on me,

opening my eyes to the possibility of the person I can be.

For me My Mentor’s time and Wisdom was well spent, 

as I Mature I say that gift was heaven sent.

The Many things said that had no Meaning,

now I know exactly what you meant.

Marvel Hero’s with all kinds of Power dressed 

in leotards, Armor, Capes and some with Wings. 

My Mentor carried Me to New heights 

wearing dress pants, tee shirt, and faded jeans.

Coaches teach athletes how to win,

and not just be content to score,

in your life lessons you taught me so much more.

No Matter how tall, or smart I get,

I will always have someone to look up to.

As an Adult I now mouth the words,

that you thought I didn’t hear,

or you thought wasn’t getting through.

So Glad you Kept talking.


I Heard You

And if I never said it before.

Thank you for being My Mentor,

And So Much More!!!

—Matthew McCargo Jr., South Boston