Positive Vibes

My aura searches for nothing but positive vibes.

It won’t settle for anything but greatness, it’s why I strive.

Desperately searching to reconnect to my African Tribe, feeling like Simba in this big world ready to protect my Black pride!


With coronavirus, racial injustice, police brutality, wild fires, racism and devious storms plaguing our lives. 

My message to us all is by any means necessary stand tall, strong and never give up the fight. Because God is in control and He’s omnipresent and trust me He always makes things right.


We can’t be deterred by negativity. Some people want the high fancy life. But in all reality all we need is a little simplicity, stay firm and humble your soul. Clear your mind with daily meditation and you will become whole. Life will become more meaningful as each day you inevitably grow old.


Let’s please stop the senseless black or black crimes. Can’t we see more than ever that we need to unify in these desperate times. People of all color, creed, sex and religion need to come together and pray. Because the world as we know it is deteriorating day by day.


Show love, respect and companionship to each other for as far as God’s Word no matter what race you are, we all are sisters and brothers. We’re all suffering and coming together is the only way to heal. Be kind to your neighbors and get involved in your community, see how better you will feel.


Our future depends on the decisions that we make, bad or good. We must pave the way for the youth and be excellent examples or else they will be misunderstood. Our children deserve every opportunity life can provide. But, we must spread love not war, and trust me it will yield nothing but positive vibes.

—Tony White


Sarai’s Dream 

Give me the multitude of 

hoary stars Abram Lord,

For I cannot count the worlds.

Give me many children from the faith,

This frail framed woman waif.


Make this childless woman

Your happy, homemaking wife

Both in this life and the hereafter.

Let me hear the mirth of angels, Lord,

And laugh.

Let me hear the laughter 

of all our daughters and sons.


Reaping stars is fun.

—Shirley Satterfield, South Boston


I See Raining Colors!

The fall day has a blue sky, big white clouds, and a cool breeze.

As the breeze blew leaves of all colors danced to the ground.

Greens, yellows, purples, rusts and golds.

Leaves whirling, dancing showing off their happy colors for all to enjoy.

As God has a colorful surprise in every day

We will find it if we look.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston