God make me Famous in my field so that I can build,

encourage, and into my community the benefits I can Instill.

Lord let Me not be a fake, a pretender but the 

real deal. Able & willing to fulfill your will.

Make Me stand out so I will have gifts to honor you. 

Lord bless me from my Head to my Shoe.

Lord give me an abundance in My Life.

As I Look around I see a need for a blessing that help

 me build people up, and not tear them down.

Bless Me so I will have a platform so that I might be heard.

 And from that platform give me the wisdom,

 and help me to carefully choose the right words.

Lord let my light shine Bright, and not be dimmed by 

the negativity this old world can bring about.

God make me famous that I might speak your words, scream, and yes shout if that’s what takes to get your words out.

Make me Famous In my field, so I can do your Will.

Whether it be feed the Hungry, or any job that needs to be filled.

I humbly await your orders while thanking you for making me 

“Famous in my Field”

—Matthew Mccargo, South Boston