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In a stir to warn, clouds hasten into a possible storm. An Eastern concern reproves cold water hereafter to do no harm. Endure to Honour the Lord; wherefore, behold His Greatness to strengthen your arms with His profit in articles for alms.


Deliver the Son of Man to bless by not of the condemned to fulfill only on a daily breach. Deception is made able by those mocking the believers with the Lord of the Temple to teach. Determine your mind for worthy incorruption therewith trade to notably reach.


The first, great commandment to love the Lord Thou God and His second from thyself for thee in truth of thy neighbor generates be thou reproach to remove through thou open-handed grasp. Lord please refrain not your work; so with, haven of heaven may favor to sustain from your well-beloved Christ to entrust confidence by indication to cast. Prayer from the House of Jesus with all prepared treasure reveals best in agreement to last for first class; and thereby, first reveals best for you to last.

, Scottsburg