You’re almost here September,

Why did you wait so long?

I heard you coming weeks ago.

I heard the beauty of your song.

The yellow goldenrod is waiting by the road.

The apples, russet red, on limbs with too much load.

The last of summers roses are blooming in my yard.

We’re drinking apple cider before it gets so hard.

So autumn welcome

I guess you know I’ve been waiting here for you.

You’re almost here September.

—Julia Carrington, South Boston


The Dark Side of the Moon 

The dark side of the moon

Always has a brighter side, 

And what ere’ betide, 

Good fortune or bad, 

Happiness, sorrow, or mad,

It always shines on planet earth.

It always holds a body’s worth.

—Shirley Satterfield, South Boston


Go Where You’re Called

It’s time now to think about school again.

This year what will the children be taught?

Will what they learn stand the test of time?

Is Pluto really a planet as we always thought?


The things told in the Bible are always true.

It’s the only real truth to which we can turn.

When seeking the truth, an Ethiopian man

Who had it all was still seeking more to learn.


He read the prophet Isiah while searching.

He was looking for answers and guidance, too.

People today are seeking peace and hope.

Bringing them to Jesus is the job we’re to do.


The Jews didn’t like the Samaritan people.

Are we like that about any people today?

If God tells us to go tell anyone about Jesus,

Let’s heed His call and show them the Way.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston