Greatest Gift

My greatest gift is Christ alone

Who bore my sins and suffered death,

Provided life for all mankind

Who claimed this Savior with their breath.


O praise His name, the One who lives,

And sits beside His Father there,

A place in Heaven, He waits for us,

As promised, He would go prepare.


His love was shown to us in full.

He gave His all for us to live.

Oh, help us Lord, you did atone.

You took our place, Help us to give!


How do we give, can we repay,

For all he did for us that day?

It cannot be! There is no way!

So we cry, guide us, as we pray.


Hear our plea, We hear your call.

Faith, obedience, You desire.

Tell the Good News, spread to the world.

This Christian Command we should never tire.

Gayle Haley, South Boston


Enjoy the Simple Things

The most treasured things are often simple

Such as working in flowers on a sunny day,

Or sitting by a cozy fire on a cool evening,

Or enjoying a neighbor who comes our way.

Enjoying simple things makes our lives richer.

They make us humble, thankful, and content.

As we spend more time doing simple things,

We realize there’re gifts that are heaven sent.

Barbara Stevens, South Boston


Glow Trees 

Glow trees standing tall in all their green glory

Have such a compelling his and her story.

Standing stoically against the setting sun,

They will be black soon,

A silhouette against a rising moon.

But whatever color they turn

Their beauty I won’t spurn.

From natural wisdom we must learn

Every color always belongs,


Shirley Satterfield, South Boston



Daddy was in the hospital. He will be fine. His little girl was lonely for him. She was listening to her music. She heard daddy’s favorite song. She called him, turned up the radio and said, daddy sing with me. She said mommy, my heart felt warm inside, mommy said daddy was feeling the same way.

As God gives up chances to share our love, we can use that chance to warm someone’s heart.

Pat Roberts, South Boston