Flowers in the Ghetto

There are flowers in the ghetto

Where children play dodge ball,

Where volunteers and saints

Are always giving all.

Wonderful things grow in shabby places,

So remember the manger; remember the cross.

Remember the places

Where the flowers grow with dross.


Flowers in the ghetto-

Remember the places where He leaves His lovely traces

On this old rugged sod. 

It is the face of Almighty God.

Shirley Satterfield, South Boston 


Girl of Long Ago

Julia, a girl of long ago

‘Tho days speed by, yet they’re also slow

The years have gone and will not return.

My heart still sings and will sing my song

Let me live and rejoice for as long as I can

When my days are long gone

You’ll still hear my song.

Julia Carrington, South Boston