Small Circle

Small circle

In that small circle of friends I am so happy, So free.

And I can relax and just be me.

Allowing everyone into my circle, would be like dumping me into 

the sea, and there are so many Sharks that want to eat me.

And in this circle I have imprisoned myself within.

From within my circle I can peer out, and you can look in,

But we make it obvious we are not ready to be friends.

If I deem you my friend within my circle you can come in,

however the secrets I share must always remain within. 

It’s been so long since I had someone so close that I

can call friend.

You Know

Even from a distance you can tell when I am feeling better,

or doing well. Because gone unnoticed by me my circle 

of friends has begun to swell.

How big will my circle enlarge? Only time will tell. The curtains

have been pulled, and I have slipped out my protective shell.

No longer do my everyday surrounding feel like a jail cell, 

or I must tread softly like upon egg shells.

My small circle now seemed so crowded to me,

and I now desiring the open sea.

Sharks will circle but I now know.

No harm will come to me.

I am outside that circle and I am still so happy, and so free, 

and even in this big ocean. I can still be me.

—Matthew McCargo Jr., South Boston


The Modesty of Tombs 

Who can fathom the mystery of the desert

Veiled in wind-driven sand

With a certain modestly of Tombs.

For death is a modest place,

Both for the Pharaohs who lived spectacular lives,

And for the lowly peasants buried 

Without ceremony under the sand.

For all rot and are deeply silent 

In eternal repose.


Death is the greatest equalizer of man.

This is God’s plan.

—Shirley Satterfield, South Boston