I want to be a Comet 

I went to the games when I was very young,

And I decide then I wanted to be a Comet too.

And that commitment I stuck too

Ken Parton and Pres Young

carried the game live on the airway.


And I knew my Name Would be

on the tip of their tongue someday.

Blue Heaven I Love You,

and upon your Wall

I want to place a banner or two.

To be a Comet you have to be a Lion, and grow

up in the Den.

It was a process for us young

Lions to transcend into Men.


The Comets were like rock Stars back then,

everybody knew their name, and game time,

everybody knew where, and when.

They would burst out the locker room through

a paper hoop and onto the floor,

and the crowd gave such a roar,

as it confused me for they have yet to score.

I was a kid but I wanted More.

There was a period of confusion as to why

the cheerleaders

got the best seats right on the floors.

I am sure as I get older, I will appreciate them More.

Halifax County has a team,

That has become a force,

and they are almost unbeatable when

our band play their rendition

of that song we called the Horse!!!

To the Comet opponents they brought fear,

And from our fans they got a hearty cheer.

To get a Seat you had to stand in a

line that led out to the street.

Oh to be a comet in this era (How Sweet)!!!

Barber Shop conversation eluding to the

Comets could be the best in the Nation.

They were not a National,

but definitely a local sensation.

So many times I heard the Comet faithful singing

Na Na Na Na Na  Hey Hey Hey say good bye,

As the Comets concluded another successful fight.

I Love that song that ended

so many opponents Night.


And Hugh Moore would gather up all the facts,

and stats, and upon his type writer he would type,

Painting a vivid image of what happened on the court this Night.

I had to be a Comet so of my achievements,

He could also write, leading scores, Hustler,

rebounds, sportsmanship, will to win,

whatever it took to draw favorable ink from his pen.


I saw all the star players as fans escorted them away.


Gym now empty and the people have all drifted into the night.


Blue Heaven now empty, and it’s just me

and a sports writer named Hugh,

And I confess to him.


I want to be a Comet


—Matthew McCargo Jr.