Cutting large pieces of material into tiny ones just to sew them back together will

Never be understood by some, but just see my content face and listen to my machine hum.


It’s self-explanatory. It’s fun.


Carefully placing and stitching patterns, where I feel they should go.


I’m so proud and so happy that I learned to sew.


Started out ugly and in the end so beautiful, it’s a one of a kind completed quilt

And for the first time I get to show.


We meet once a month, but I work on my stitches daily, week after week.


Some converse above the machines hum, many things going on, but I can only

Concentrate on just one.


My work represents me, and I want it to be the best it can be.


Working at home some pieces of material thick and some sheer, my TV is on, but I

Would not watch, but only hear.


Long arm quilter has put the once impossible within everyone’s reach.


And I just want to learn more of this craft I love. Eventually this craft I would love to teach.


Patterns and designs in my head that I currently can’t reach

But as other share secrets, the ultimate quilt is now within my grasp.


It is true a stitch in time, saves nine, but I enjoy sewing all the time.


I didn’t ease drop, but I listen to you and now I know more about quilting

Than I ever knew.

—Matthew McCargo Jr., South Boston


Are You Going The Right Way?

As the rain was pouring down,

The cat sat and watched it pour;

But she found unexpected freedom when

She pushed her foot against the door.


The cat ran just a few feet outside

Before the coldness, the wind, and the rain

Made her turn and race back inside.

In that coldness, she didn’t want to remain.


The freedom wasn’t worth it to the cat.

She found the warm master’s home was best.

If only we saw sin like the cat saw the rain,

And turned our hearts back to our Heavenly quest.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston