Testify of Me 

Do you testify of me at only this time of year?

The carolers are singing around the Christmas manager scene or when others sing of shots fired at men, women, children, birds and animals to note a mean.

To chase your goals, The New Year start enters for winning success for a solution or at a New Year Day race horse odds for the resolution.

My heart is leaping with love in February over the bridge in a carriage or while the man or woman fails at all of each four marriages.

The warmth of Spring opens the flower towards the light or when in a storm with not our soul’s delight, birds chirp and animals abide with a might.

On Mother’s Day, the Lord thy God loves you or for the unwanted laughs at the expense of children with no clue.

On Father’s Day, the Lord thy God loves you or for the Fatherless being deadly dread of two.

Our Great Nation flys Our Flag of Freedom in life or while the homeless people are bound from a flight with a mark of bitter strife.

The Summer cookouts with burgers and pool parties are ready or when the old age have heart attacks, gasp for air, go without money to pay electric bills and pant in parting to buy food for their face to steady.

For Labor Day, to a cloak, paychecks profit to a clock at every stroke to open a worthy gift or at the unemployment law when an insertion line draws into an increase lift.

Autumn changes leaves during the season pass or while the colors of the World are fighting over change from the mountain to the mass.

Thanksgiving prepares the blessing for the strength from the Lord thy God with your best-cooked turkey or when to pardon takes more money to keep the land from being murky.

New things for new people mean more in purpose for diversity or to mean more new taxes for more new people in adversity. 

Tammy M. Ligon, Scottsburg