The Place of Awe

Bring me to the place of awe,

Oh Lord,

That I might recall how small 

I am.

How brief.

You are eternity 

Past and present and future,

An eternal life without the confines

Of time.

I am brief,

And how small is my human grief

Compared to Yours Oh Lord,

You gave your Son.

Bring me to the place of awe, 

Oh Lord,

At what my inner infant saw.

—Shirley Satterfield, South Boston


A Dog’s Love

Her five dogs jumped on her with their little dirty paws, they had been out and about all day; like they were asking for a loving touch. As she rubbed their heads, they smiled as if to say “thank you.” You know dogs love you, if you are kind or rude to them, they have a loving way.

As God puts love in His wonderful creations.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston