Scottsburg Tree of Lights names read during senior citizens supper

The Scottsburg Volunteer Fire Department Corp. held its annual senior citizens supper Sunday when approximately 100 meals were served at the department with several shut-in meals delivered as well. 

Music for the evening was provided by the Bluegrass Five, and there was a time of food and fellowship with several prizes given away as well. 

During the evening, the names were read for bulbs placed on the trees of lights given in honor or in memory of the following loved ones: 

In Memory: Joe Watts and Darryl Watts by Shirley Watts, Herman and Alease Bouldin by Isaac Bouldin, Daggie Davenport by Nathaniel Davenport, Mother, Sister, Brother and Nephew by Yvonne Carden, Marie Bailey, Clarence Bailey, and Milton Barksdale Sr. by Josephine Barksdale, Lennon Roberts Sr., Lenon Roberts Jr., Lois Roberts, and Clarence Roberts by Mattie Stoner, Johnny Hatcher by Oshie Hatcher, Johnny Hetcher by Marissa Hatcher and Destiny Perkins, Ben Franklin by Patricia Franklin, Richard Clark by Gladys Clark, Everette Wilmouth, Sarah Conner, Carl Newbill Jr., and Evan Newbill  by Harvey and Edwina Newbill, Charlie D. Smith, and Sallie F. Smith by Bailey and Frances Crews, Wayne Newton by Ross, Cheryl, Dino and Tina, Margeret Ligon by Billy Ligon, Baby Ray Bennett by Roger Bennett, Donald Elliott by Grace Elliott, Fred Smith by Robbie Smith, Linwood and Mabel Perkins by Robbie and Donna Smith, Louie and Thelma Tuck by Ivy Gordon and Family, Dink Anderson, Betty Anderson, Richard Snead Jr., Nannie Snead, Richard Short, Nolan Short, William Harris, Patsy Harris, and Darrell Cash by Bill and Carolyn Anderson, Charles McKinney, Dottie, Bobby, Ray, and Jason by Bernice Mckinney, Thelma Powell by Bobby and Doris and Wynn Satterfield, Claude and Annie Throckmorton by Marion Satterfield.

• In Honor: Gladys Clark by Patricia Franklin, Mary Lee Smith by Robbie Smith and Davin and Dalton Gordon by Ricky and Ivy Gordon.