The following students at Sinai Elementary School have achieved honor roll for the first nine weeks:

  • SECOND GRADE: Jamari Yancey, *Adynn Tate, Clasuan Beverly, Kendall Jones, *Chase Richart, Kaden Snead and Aulden Thaxton
  • THIRD GRADE: Aubree Chappell, *Kristian Hodges, Jaycee Leigh, Kamryn Medley, *Noah Fears, Janeice Travis, Qu’Ran Tucker, Evan Chandler, Miriah Conner *Gabrielle Mitchell and Noah Price
  • FOURTH GRADE: Caiden Barksdale, Cayden Hazelwood, Tyron Majors, Jasmine Conner, Lucas Richart, *Zena Amin, Tyran Brown, Ashton Cole and Jeremiah Womack Jr.
  • FIFTH GRADE: *Laila Ballou, Zy’Reasia Barksdale, Adrian Batlle, *Kamdyn Cannon, Jaxon Hodge, Kejeah Jennings, Kenlee Price, *Ja’Lea Givens, Austin Anderson, Preston Santiago and Nubia Tyler

*denotes all A’s