What kind of weather are we having? It’s hot one day and cold the next. 

I will be glad when it turns cold and stays cold. This week I’m going to do some I hope you will like.


3 pounds sirloin tip roast

½ c butter, soft

2 sweet onions, peeled and quartered

1 sprig Rosemary

¼ t dry sage

3 to 4 garlic cloves

Salt, pepper

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Let roast set at room temperature at least 30 minutes. Salt and pepper roast. Add butter, half of the onion, Rosemary, sage, garlic, 1 t salt and ½ t pepper to food processor until mixed. Place meat in the roasting pan. Spread butter mixture over the meat. Surround onion around the meat. Roast 15 min. Then lower temp to 350. Cook until it reaches doneness you like. Remove from oven. Cover with foil. Lest rest 20 minutes. Then cut thin against grain. Serves six. 


I love these. I hope you will too.



1 egg, beaten

1 T Worcestershire sauce

½ t salt

1 ½ t onion powder

½ 5 garlic powder

½ t cayenne pepper

½ c seasoned bread crumbs

1 lb. ground turkey

In a large bowl mix egg, Worcestershire sauce, salt, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne. Mix in bread crumbs and turkey. Form into six patties and grill until turkey is done. Serves six. 


Have a great week and like I always say live, laugh, love and remember to spend time with family and friends. God bless you all.