I’m looking forward to some warmer, dry weather. I hope you like these.


1 cup Bisquick

4 beaten eggs

½ t salt

1 cup shredded cheese, your choice

½ pound cooked sausage, hot or mild

Mix all together and put in a greased muffin pan. Bake 20 minutes on 350 degrees.


1 graham cracker crust, store bought

3 egg yolks

2 cans Eagle brand condensed milk

½ to ¾ fresh lemon juice

Mix the juice of lemon, milk, eggs for two to three minutes. Pour in graham cracker crust. Chill for four hours. Note: if you are uneasy with egg yolks in pie, you can bake the pie for 20 minutes on 350. 


I hope you all have a great week. Congratulations to the class of 2020. Reach for the stars. Like I always say, live, laugh, love and remember to spend time with family and friends. God bless you all.