Kenneth and Marie

Connie Allison of Lynchburg and Kenneth Cranford of South Boston (standing) are shown in the spring of 1987 with John Schneider and Marie Osmond at the Sleeping Beauty Palace in Disneyland located in Anaheim, California, during the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon.

1996-20 Years Ago

Halifax County High School Principal Larry Clark congratulated the school’s Valedictorian Allison Geisinger and Salutatorian Enrique Urueta during the senior awards night program. Another of the school’s most prestigious awards, the Principal’s Award, was presented to Senior Class President Corey Chambers.

 While its old brick building may be located on a downtown back street, far away from any modern industrial park, the Tultex Plant of South Boston is a successful local industry that is thriving and expanding. Top Tultex officials this week announced the impending employment of an additional 100 to 150 employees. Currently, the garment sewing factory employs 575 people and had a total payroll in 1995 of $9,630,000, not counting benefits, officials said.

• Teasha Paniel received the Tuesday Woman’s Club Outstanding Female Athlete Award, and Willie Thompson and Matt Parker received the T. C. Watkins III Outstanding Male Athlete Award during Halifax County High School’s senior awards night program.


1976-40 Years Ago

 Halifax County Senior High School students who were recipients of the major awards during Class Day in June 1976 included Mark Yates, Lydia Tuck, Amy Edmunds, Beverly Reaves, Susan Pruett, Charlene Wilborn, Susan Solomon, Regina Morton, Becky Riddle, Marvin Fallen, Lydia Reaves, Frank Godbold, Drew Johnson, Scott Miller, James Reese, Teresa Smith, Ed Owen and Chuck Hatcher. Godbold was the recipient of the Principal’s Award.

 Efforts by three Halifax women to stop construction of a convenience food store at the end of the town’s Main Street failed this week when the board of supervisors told the three that a conditional use permit had already been granted to the storeowners, and construction had begun. Halifax Councilwoman Mrs. Lee Wray led the delegation that includes Mildred Bostick, who said she represented property owners in the area, and Mrs. Udy Wood, representing the Halifax County Improvement Council. The three expressed opposition to the proposed new Jiffy Store locating at the intersection of Highways 360 and 501, just outside the town limits.

 Marvin Fallen received the T. C. Watkins III Outstanding Male Athlete Award presented each year to the Halifax County Senior High School’s most outstanding graduating athlete. Fallen participated in football, basketball and track.


1956-60 Years Ago

 Halifax County High School Principal J. Marshall Swanson presented diplomas to 214 young men and women before an overflow crowd estimated at 2,500 Monday night. At Mary M. Bethune High School earlier in the day, 74 received diplomas at exercises conducted by the graduates themselves.

 Halifax will begin a garbage pickup service sometime next month, the first time the county seat ever engaged in the service. A new truck is being fitted with a special body at a Richmond shop and is expected to be delivered in the near future. Its delivered covered and will run about $3,500.

 In the ad department: A. R. Via’s was advertising an 8-way solid silver candelabrum by Gorham for $125 a pair. Francis-Watkins Furniture Company was advertising a sturdy, all-steel enamel porch or lawn ensemble featuring a chair, loveseat and rocker for $24.95. Edmondson Oil Company was advertising free copies of the 44-page 1956 Richfield Baseball Book just off the presses and better than ever. Merit Shoes in South Boston was advertising men’s 2-eyelet blucher oxford in summer’s new butternut shade, sizes 6 to 12, for $4.98.