A multi-locality 911-outage impacted Halifax County E911 landlines for multiple hours on Thursday after a fiber line was cut in central Virginia.

Service was fully restored to Halifax County E911 phone lines at 2 p.m., according to Wendy Jones, E911 director.

Lumen, which many know as CenturyLink, issued a statement Thursday at 1:11 p.m. saying, “Some customers in central Virginia experienced a service disruption due to a fiber cut.”

This outage stretched across Virginia with numerous counties issuing emergency notices. Thousands were believed to be without phone lines during this time.

While the phone lines were down, Halifax County Emergency Services directed Halifax County residents to call 434-579-2870 or text 911 from a cellphone.

The outage did not seem to effect local police efforts as phone lines to stations remained operable, and Halifax Police Department Chief Stuart Comer confirmed that police radio was still in operation during the outage.