Antone Lemont Hamlett, a 36-year-old Halifax resident sentenced in April to 26 years in prison for charges associated with the attack and abduction of his wife in November 2017, had seven more years added to his sentence Monday in Halifax County Circuit Court after being convicted of a probation violation.

Judge Leslie M. Osborn revoked Hamlett’s previously suspended jail term for the violation and re-suspended all but seven years to run consecutive with all other time.

Osborn also ordered Hamlett to pay court costs within 40 years, beginning one month after his release.

Judge Kimberley S. White convicted Hamlett of a charge for the attempted murder of his wife, Susan Yeatts Hamlett, following a bench trial in February.

Susan Yeatts Hamlett suffered wounds so severe she almost died due to loss of blood before receiving medical treatment.

“Only by the grace of God and her sheer force of will did she survive,” said commonwealth’s attorney Tracy Quackenbush Martin after the February bench trial when White convicted the defendant of the charges, including one for attempted murder.

White sentenced Antone Hamlett to a total effective prison term of 25 years and 12 months, including 10 years with five suspended for attempted murder; and to 20 years each with 15 each suspended for two counts of aggravated malicious wounding.

White sentenced Hamlett to 10 years each, with five each suspended for two counts of abduction; and to 12 months in jail for stalking of a family member.

White sentenced the defendant to a 12-month suspended jail term for assault and battery, a 20-year suspended term for armed burglary with intent to commit murder and six-month suspended terms for destruction of personal property and damaging a phone line to prevent a summons to E-911.

Other court cases

w Dori Cole Pate, 39, of Alton pleaded guilty Monday to a charge for illegally obtaining utility service and two felony charges for forging and uttering.

Pursuant to a plea agreement with the commonwealth, five other charges against Pate were nol prossed, including two for forgery, two for illegally obtaining utility service and one for utility theft.

Sentencing for Pate was continued to a date in the March court term.

w Samuel Steve Mosley, 48, of Red Oak was sentenced Monday to a five-year suspended prison sentence for possession of cocaine.

Osborn ordered Mosley’s suspended sentence be conditioned on the defendant’s good behavior for 10 years, beginning immediately, and the judge also ordered Mosley be put on probation for one year, also beginning immediately.

Osborn also ordered Mosley to pay court costs within 12 months, with monthly payments beginning in December, and he ordered Mosley’s operator’s license be suspended for six months.