Four defendants accused of malicious wounding by mob will stand trial at the same time, after Judge J. W. Watson granted a motion by each of four defense attorneys in Halifax County Circuit Court on Thursday for a joinder of trials.

Defendants, including 18-year-old Dillon Davis and 25-year-old Dustin Alan Davis, both of Nathalie, and 21-year-old Ethan Parker and 24-year-old Willie Vernon, both of Alton, filed motions through their attorneys for joinder of their respective trials into one trial with all four defendants being tried together.

Watson set the four-day jury trial for Feb. 18-21.

According to a motion filed by Vernon’s attorney, Charles H. Crowder III, all four co-defendants were initially charged with assault and battery by mob, with all four warrants alleging the same offense date and the same victim.

Each of the four defendants was charged with misdemeanor assault while being in a mob on Feb. 26 for an alleged offense that occurred on Feb. 23, according to Halifax County Sheriff’s Office records.

All four defendants appeared for trial in Halifax County Circuit Court on or about May 20, along with multiple witnesses subpoenaed by the commonwealth and the defendants, with an attorney for the commonwealth moving to nol pros the misdemeanor charges against the defendants and stating the commonwealth intended to indict the defendants on felony charges, according to Crowder’s motion.

According to court records, a county grand jury returned true bills on the felony charges on July 11, and all four defendants were arrested on July 16 on charges of malicious wounding by mob.

Michael Freshour is representing Dillon Davis, John Greenbacker is representing Dustin Davis, and Brendan Dunning is representing Parker.