Calvin Traquan Harrison

Calvin Traquan Harrison

A 23-year-old Altavista man, Calvin Traquan Harrison, will serve an effective six years in prison for a shooting incident that occurred July 16, 2018 in Nathalie.

Harrison pleaded guilty to five felony charges and four misdemeanor charges related to the incident, and the commonwealth moved to nol pros two charges for attempted first-degree murder against the defendant at Friday’s hearing.

Harrison was sentenced to three years in prison, with all time mandatory, for use of a firearm in commission of a felony, and he will serve three years in prison for causing malicious bodily injury, with the remaining seven years of a 10-year sentence suspended.

All 10 years for another felony charge of causing malicious bodily injury were suspended, and five-year prison terms for two felonies, including shooting a firearm from a vehicle and maliciously shooting at or throwing an object at a train or vehicle were suspended.

Harrison received 12-month suspended jail terms for four misdemeanors including two for pointing or brandishing a firearm and one each for reckless handling of a firearm and destruction of personal property.

Harrison was arrested July 16, 2018 after authorities responded to an incident at the intersection of Bull Creek Road and Stagecoach Road involving a possible shooting.

At the scene, authorities were informed two people had gotten into an argument on Dr. Lacy Trail in Nathalie over an alleged debt owed.

Witnesses told police Harrison forcefully took money out of the other person’s hand and stole a vehicle.

The victim started following the suspect, and the suspect began to shoot several times at the victim’s vehicle, according to Sheriff Fred S. Clark, who added that the victim pulled off at the Bull Creek Road-Stage Coach Road intersection and notified authorities.

The Lynchburg Police Department apprehended the suspect July 17, 2018 and took him into custody, according to Clark.

“After close consultation with the victims and with the support of law enforcement, the commonwealth agreed to an active sentence of six years.  This figure represents the midpoint of the sentencing guidelines generally followed by the courts,” said commonwealth’s attorney Tracy Q. Martin. 

She added, “The commonwealth had a number of evidentiary issues in the case, including the reluctance of a witness to participate and their potentially significant credibility issues.  On balance, this arrangement pleased law enforcement, the two victims, and it was the right balance given the obstacles we would have encountered at trial.”

Other court cases

• Tommy Ray Shotwell, 36, of South Boston was sentenced Friday to five years in prison, with all but 10 months suspended, for each of two convictions for a third or subsequent offense of larceny.

White ordered the suspended portion of Shotwell’s sentence be conditioned on his good behavior for 10 years and ordered him to be placed on probation for two years, in addition to ordering him to pay $57.74 restitution within 60 days of his release.

White also ordered Shotwell to undergo a substance abuse and mental health evaluation and remain drug and alcohol free.

White also banned Shotwell from Tractor Supply.

• Talesha Renae Medley, 22, of South Boston pleaded guilty Friday to a probation violation for a misdemeanor offense.

White withheld her finding of guilt and continued the case to a date in the February court term.

• Jamal Thaxton, 25, of Nathalie had a misdemeanor charge against him for failing to appear in court dismissed on Friday.

• Kevin Demario Powell, 30, of Halifax was convicted Friday of a probation violation.

White revoked three years and three months of Powell’s previously suspended jail term and re-suspended all but one year and six months in jail for the defendant.

White also ordered Powell be placed on probation for one year.

• Antonio Christopher Roberts, 35, of Red Oak received a five-year suspended prison term for felony possession of a firearm or ammunition on Friday, and he also received a 60-day suspended jail term for a first offense of DWI.

White ordered Roberts’ suspended sentence for the felony be conditioned on his good behavior for five years, and she ordered him placed on probation for one year, beginning immediately.

White ordered the suspended 12-month jail term be conditioned on Roberts’ good behavior for 12 months and ordered him to perform 50 hours of community service to be supervised by probation and parole.

In addition, the judge ordered Roberts to pay court costs within two years and ordered a restricted operator’s license for the defendant for 12 months

• Ashley Nicole Watts, of Halifax pleaded no contest Friday to a charge for driving with a revoked or suspended operator’s license.

White sentenced Watts to 12 months in jail with all but 30 days suspended, 10 of them mandatory.