A 30-year-old Halifax man, Jeremy Lamar Anderson, was sentenced Friday in Halifax County Circuit Court to a total of 27 years behind bars — 20 of those years he will serve for robbing American National Bank on Aug. 27, 2018.

Judge Kimberley S. White sentenced Anderson to 50 years in prison for bank robbery, with 30 years suspended, and five years in prison for assault on a law enforcement officer, with six months of that sentence mandatory.

Anderson committed that offense while incarcerated after his February guilty plea. 

White also sentenced Anderson to 12-month jail terms for obstruction of justice/resisting arrest and indecent exposure.

All suspended time is conditioned on Anderson’s good behavior for 50 years. White placed him on probation indefinitely, and she ordered him to pay $2,142 restitution.

Anderson pleaded guilty to charges associated with the robbery during a hearing in February, according to court records.

The commonwealth moved to nol pros a firearms charge during the hearing.

In the February hearing, Halifax County commonwealth’s attorney Tracy Q. Martin recounted the time line for the robbery.

“Anderson entered the bank, approached the bank teller and slipped her a note which said, ‘Give me all your money, or I’ll shoot you in the face,’ or words to that effect,” said Martin. 

“The teller tried to keep the note, but Anderson took it back,” added Martin. “The teller provided $2,124 in cash to the defendant, who promptly left the bank.” 

South Boston Police searched Anderson’s vehicle and home after his arrest, finding numerous receipts for purchases made immediately following the robbery, according to Martin.

“Police were able to locate several merchants with videos of the defendant,” Martin explained.

“Police also located a notepad which linked the defendant to the crime. Once he was found, police conducted a photo lineup of the defendant, and the bank teller identified Anderson.

After the guilty plea and while awaiting sentencing, however, the defendant committed additional criminal acts in jail.  On April 11, Anderson exposed himself to a female corrections officer and assaulted her. 

On April 15 during an administrative hearing at the jail based on these offenses, he committed obstruction of justice with verbal threats to the safety of several corrections officers, Martin said. 

On April 17, he assaulted a probation officer meeting with Anderson for purposes of preparing his pre-sentence investigation for the robbery case. 

“The commonwealth argued not only for 20 years active incarceration for the robbery, as it had agreed, but also requested significant additional incarceration for the new offenses committed while awaiting his sentencing,” said Martin.  “Anderson had a lengthy criminal history, including a prior armed robbery.  Considering his behavior in a secure, lock-down facility, the only conclusion can be that he is a truly dangerous individual,” said Martin.  

Other court case

A Halifax County Circuit Court jury deliberated for little more than 30 minutes on Thursday before finding 54-year-old Clover resident Durwin C. Whitehead not guilty of a first offense of misdemeanor DWI and guilty of a misdemeanor charge for speeding.

Whitehead had pleaded not guilty to both charges prior to the trial.

White confirmed the jury’s verdict and confirmed a sentence of a $250 fine for speeding.