A 32-year-old South Boston man, Darren Lee Satterfield, pleaded guilty Monday to a charge for malicious wounding after reaching a plea agreement with the commonwealth.

The plea agreement calls for the commonwealth to nol pros an additional charge against Satterfield for stealing property, with a charge against Satterfield for possession of a controlled substance continued to a date in the January court term.

Judge Kimberley S. White sentenced Satterfield to 20 years in prison for malicious wounding, with all but four years suspended, conditioned on Satterfield’s good behavior for 20 years.

White additionally ordered Satterfield to be placed on probation for one year upon his release, ordered him to pay court costs within five years and ordered him to attend anger management classes and submit to a substance abuse assessment in addition to having no contact with his victim.

Other court cases

• Dimetri Montez White, 20, of South Boston was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison, with all time suspended to that already served for a felony charge of stealing property.

Judge White ordered the suspended portion of the defendant’s sentence be conditioned on his good behavior for 10 years, ordered him placed on probation for one year and ordered him to pay court costs in full within two years.

• Terene Denise Foster, 23, of Clover had the court impose a lower court decision on Monday that found her guilty of misdemeanor possession of marijuana in a deferred disposition case.

White sentenced the defendant to a $100 fine and ordered her to pay court costs within 12 months.

• Nathan Valentino Allen, 28, of Halifax pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor charges for domestic assault and battery and petty larceny after reaching a plea agreement with the commonwealth.

White sentenced Allen to 12 months in jail for the assault and battery charge and ordered the defendant to serve his sentence on weekends and attend anger management classes.

White sentenced Allen to a 12-month suspended jail term for the petty larceny charge.

• Robert Aubrey Fallen, 41, of Danville had a charge against him for a probation violation nol prossed on Monday.

White continued another probation violation charge against the defendant for sentencing to a date in the February court term.