A 30-year-old South Boston man, Cameron J. Pinilla-Eisenstein, was sentenced Thursday in Halifax County Circuit Court to effective prison terms of four years for each of three drug distribution convictions, according to court records.

The court sentenced Pinilla-Eisenstein to 20 years in prison for each drug distribution charge, with all but four years suspended for each.

The court also revoked one year of Pinilla-Eisenstein’s previously suspended jail term for a probation violation on Thursday.

Pinilla-Eisenstein pleaded guilty to three felony counts for distribution of a controlled substance in July, including one for distribution of cocaine and /or methamphetamine.

The defendant was indicted on the drug distribution charges in December.

Other Court Cases

• Christopher Daniel Anderson, 41, of Scottsburg pleaded guilty Friday to a charge for possessing a firearm as a non-violent felon within a 10-year period.

The court sentenced Anderson to five years in prison for the charge, with all but three years suspended, and it ordered Anderson placed on probation for two years following his release.

• Kenneth Dean Wilborn, 48, of Nathalie pleaded guilty Friday to felony charges for grand larceny, distribution of a Schedule III controlled substance (no steroid), and a second or subsequent offense of driving as a habitual offender without a license, and misdemeanors for petty larceny, and a first offense of DWI.

Sentencing for Wilborn was continued to a date in the January court term.

• Carol Lee Stukov, 37, of South Boston was sentenced Friday to a two-year suspended prison term for shoplifting, five years with all but nine months suspended for a pair of charges of assault on a law enforcement person, and three years in prison, with all but six months suspended for disregarding a police command to stop.

The court ordered Stukov be placed on probation for two years following her release.

• Clinton Reid Dennis, 37, of Buffalo Junction was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison, with all but one year each suspended for a pair of felonies, including a subsequent offense of DWI, and driving after having his operator’s license revoked.

Dennis pleaded guilty to both charges on April 26, according to court records.