A 30-year-old South Boston man, Cameron Pinillia-Eisenstein, was convicted Friday in Halifax County Circuit Court of three drug distribution charges.

Pinilla-Eisenstein pleaded guilty to three felony counts for the distribution of a controlled substance, including one for distribution of cocaine and/or methamphetamine, according to court records.

Pursuant to a plea agreement with the commonwealth, six other charges were nol prossed, each for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Sentencing for Pinilla-Eisenstein was continued to a date in the October court term.

Other court cases

• Charles-Pierre Tanner, 50, of Richmond entered an Alford plea Friday to a felony charge for a third or subsequent offense of DWI within 10 years and a misdemeanor charge for driving after forfeiture of his operator’s license.

Under terms of an Alford plea, a defendant does not admit guilt but realizes prosecution evidence would make a guilty finding almost a certainty if the case went to trial.

Two charges against Tanner were nol prossed as part of the Alford plea agreement, including a felony for driving on a revoked license and a misdemeanor for a subsequent offense of refusing a blood test.

White sentenced Tanner to five years in prison for the DWI charge, with all but the mandatory 90 days in jail suspended. She ordered him to pay a mandatory $1,000 fine, ordered him to pay $50 to the Trauma Fund, and she suspended his operator’s license indefinitely on that charge.

White sentenced Tanner to a 12-month suspended jail term for the misdemeanor and suspended his operator’s license for 90 days on that charge, with all suspended time conditioned on Tanner’s good behavior for five years, beginning immediately.

White ordered Tanner to be placed on probation for two years upon his release and undergo substance abuse assessment and treatment.

• Jennifer Lynn Beadles, 31, of Brookneal pleaded guilty Friday to a felony charge for destruction of property (GMC Yukon) belonging to Catherine Chaney Wright.

White found evidence sufficient for a guilty finding but deferred disposition of the case to a date in the August 2020 court term.

White placed Beadles under supervision of Halifax-Pittsylvania Court Services, ordered her to pay $1,556.33 restitution at a rate of $130 per month as a substitute for good behavior and ordered her to have no contact with Wright.

• Marquan Shedric Clark, 22, of South Boston pleaded guilty Friday to a charge for grand larceny.

Pursuant to a plea agreement with the commonwealth, a charge against Clark for felony shoplifting was nol prossed.

Under terms of the plea agreement, White sentenced Clark to two years in prison, with all but 45 days suspended and with weekend jail service authorized.

White ordered Clark placed on probation for one year and banned him from Walmart.

• Michael Wayne Saunders, 58, of Nathalie pleaded no contest Friday to a felony habitual driving offense.

White continued the case to a date in the September court term for final adjudication.

• Marvin Shantel Womack, 23, of Nathalie was sentenced Friday to six months in jail for a probation violation.

White extended Womack’s probationary period for an additional 12 months.

• Charles Gregory Womack, 49, of Lynchburg pleaded no contest Friday to a probation violation charge.

White took the case under advisement for six months and extended Womack’s probationary period for six months. She ordered the defendant to undergo a substance abuse treatment or similar program.