Arrests for crimes decreased throughout Halifax County last year with each department in the county reporting decreases in arrests from 2019, according to the Virginia State Police’s Crime in Virginia 2020 report that is compiled by the Uniform Crime Reporting Section of the Department of State Police.

Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, South Boston Police Department and Halifax Police Department all saw decreases in arrests and incidents.

Halifax County Sheriff’s Office responded to 539 incidents last year, compared to 617 in 2019 and 572 in 2018. There was one reported murder in 2020, compared to two in 2019.

The sheriff’s office made 577 arrests in 2020, compared to 935 arrests in 2019. The sheriff’s office responded to 54 burglaries, 63 destruction of properties, 114 simple assaults, nine aggravated assaults, three kidnapping/abductions, seven forcible rapes and three arsons.

The sheriff’s office reported 110 offenses of drug/narcotic violations, 11 drug equipment violations and 25 weapons offenses, according to “Crime in Virginia.”

They also made 21 arrests for driving under the influence, 35 arrests for drunkenness, six disorderly conduct arrests, 14 trespassing arrests and 296 arrests for “all other offenses.”

The arrests in Group B that includes DUI, drunkenness, trespassing and “all other offenses” went from 645 in 2019 to 377 in 2020.

Halifax County had a population estimate of 25,627 in 2020, according to the report.

South Boston Police Department saw a decrease in incidents and arrests in 2020. In 2019, the department had 657 incidents, and in 2020, they only had 584. In 2020, they had 273 arrests, compared to 386 arrests in 2019.

There was only one murder in South Boston in 2020.

They also reported 134 simple assaults, 18 aggravated assaults, 37 burglaries, 92 destruction of properties, 45 thefts from a motor vehicle, 60 “all other larceny” and 69 shopliftings.

The police department also made 23 driving under the influence arrests, 13 arrests for drunkenness, 16 trespassing arrests and 38 for “all other offenses.”

South Boston Police Department also reported 69 drug/narcotic violations, 25 drug equipment violations, one offense of pornography/obscene materials, no animal cruelty was report and 34 weapon law violations.

Halifax Police Department also saw a decrease in incidents and arrests in 2020 as they reported 22 incidents in 2020 compared to 57 in 2019 and 47 in 2018.

They reported 27 arrests in 2020, compared to 52 in 2019.

Halifax PD reported no simple assaults, no aggravated assaults, four burglaries, six destruction of property, no shoplifting, but one theft from a building and one theft from a motor vehicle and two “all other larceny.”

They also reported seven drug/narcotic violations, no drug equipment violations, no animal cruelty and one weapon law violation.

There were nine arrests by Halifax Police Department for driving under the influence, one for drunkenness, one trespassing arrest and seven for “all other offenses.”

The Crime in Virginia report continues to provide precise rates and occurrences of crimes committed in towns, cities and counties across the Commonwealth. The report breaks down criminal offenses and arrests by the reporting agency.

It can be found online at

Per state mandate, the Virginia Department of State Police serves as the primary collector of crime data from participating Virginia state and local police departments and sheriffs’ offices. The Virginia State Police Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division collects the data. This information is then compiled into Crime in Virginia, an annual report for use by law enforcement, elected officials, media and the general public.

These data become the official crime statistics for the Commonwealth and are sent to the FBI for incorporation into their annual report, Crime in the United States.