A 26-year-old Keeling man, Dominique Williams of Chestnut Ridge Road, faces a felony charge of receiving/buying stolen goods, according to Halifax County Sheriff’s Office records.

The alleged offense occurred Jan. 11, and deputy J. T. Newcomb served the warrant Tuesday.

• Dakota Raine Conner, 27, of James D. Hagood Highway, Scottsburg faces a felony charge each of bail/pretrial violation and violation of community based probation.

The alleged offenses occurred Jan. 20 and June 11, and deputy D. L. Clark served the warrants Tuesday.

Joseph E. Bonder, 69, of Bill Tuck Highway, Virgilina faces a misdemeanor charge of reckless handling of a firearm. 

The alleged offense occurred Dec. 29, and Clark served the warrant Tuesday.

• Lacorey Beard, 38, of Beard Trail, South Boston faces a misdemeanor charge of violating probation.

The alleged offense occurred Sept. 1, and deputy J. C. Young served the warrant Wednesday.