A 53-year-old South Boston man faces a felony charge of violation of probation on a felony offense, according to Halifax County Sheriff’s Office records.

Clarence Hall Jr. of Melon Road was charged with the alleged offense that occurred May 23, 2019, and Clark served the warrant Saturday.

• Tanya Marie Pryor, 32, of Wilson Farm Road, Keysville faces a misdemeanor charge of failure to appear in court.

The alleged offense occurred Oct. 30, and another agency served the warrant Saturday.

• Jacob Wayne Newcomb, 29, of Snow Hill Road, Alton faces two misdemeanor charges of destruct property with intent and assault and battery of a family member.

The alleged offenses occurred Saturday, and deputy T. M. Moore served the warrants the same day.

• Johnnie Calvin Clay, 49, of Buck Horace Trail, Nathalie faces a felony charge of violating probation of a felony offense.

The alleged offense occurred Feb. 3, and deputy G. L. Jones served the warrant Monday.