A 47-year-old South Boston man faces a charge of felonious assault with intent to maim and possession of a weapon as a felon, according to South Boston Police Department records.

Jerry Lorenzo Faulkner Jr. was charged with the alleged offenses, and Cpl. B. Smith served the warrants Sunday.

• Amber Rose Frazier, 26, of Alton faces a drug charge of possession of schedule I or II controlled substance and a charge of bail/pretrial violation.

Officer J. Throckmorton served the warrants Friday.

w Rianna Nicole Propst, 24, of Halifax faces charges of providing false identity to law enforcement and possession of a schedule I or II controlled substance.

Throckmorton served the warrant Oct. 27.

• Brittany Elaine Coleman, 29, of Wickham Street, South Boston faces a charge of steal property.

Cpl. L. Perkins served the warrant Thursday.