The South Boston Police Department is warning the public of a current scam that seems to be on the increase in the area.

Authorities said people are receiving calls saying that their social security number is going to be suspended.

These calls generally start out as automated and if the intended victim stays on the call long enough, they are instructed to send money via a pre-paid gift card, authorities report.

This is a scam and callers should hang up immediately.

The Social Security Administration is not calling people warning that their social security numbers will be suspended; nor would they ever demand money over the phone or in the form of gift cards.

Local police also said there is very little chance that victims who fall prey to this scam will ever get their money back as many of these types of scams emanate in other countries. People receiving these calls should hang up immediately.

Most of these calls appear to be coming from a local number but in fact they are not.

As with other scams, there will never be any government entity, federal, state or local, that will ask for payment via some type of pre-paid gift card.

Residents also should remember to never give out any personal information over the phone such as date of birth, social security number or banking information on any call that they receive.