A 33-year-old Virgilina man faces a felony charge of burglary with intent and a misdemeanor charge of driving while not licensed, according to Halifax County Sheriff’s Office records.

Zachary Adam Elliott of Bill Tuck Highway was charged with the alleged offenses that occurred Feb. 2 and May 10, and Deputy J. L. Franco served the warrants Friday.

• Matthew Randy McClean, 40, of Huell Matthews Highway, South Boston faces a felony charge of embezzling over $500.

The alleged offense occurred Dec. 7, 2018, and Deputy T. W. Bush served the warrant.

• Kimberly Crowe Toole, 29, of L. P. Bailey Memorial Highway, Halifax faces a felony charge of child neglect and a misdemeanor charge of assault of battery of a family member.

The alleged offenses occurred Monday, and Deputy J. A. Short served the warrants the same day.

• Danielle Marie Dowell, 25, of Spring Garden Road, Chatham faces a felony charge of grand larceny.

The alleged offense occurred April 18, 2018, and another agency served the warrant Friday.

• Jaysen Lee Grove, 37, of Jackson Trail, Nathalie faces a felony contempt of court charge and a misdemeanor contempt of court charge.

The alleged offenses occurred May 2 and May 14, and Deputy G. L. Jones served the warrants Saturday.

• Quincy Adam Francis, 22, of Bradley Creek Road, Nathalie faces a misdemeanor capias to show cause.

The alleged offense occurred March 22, 2018, and Deputy T. H. Clarke served the warrant Friday.

• Sherman Ray Canda, 57, of Crossroads Trail, Nathalie faces a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

The alleged offense occurred Sunday, and Deputy J. S. Garber served the warrant the same day.

• Katie Jo Bowes, 25, of Paradise Road, Alton faces a misdemeanor charge for a good behavior violation.

The alleged offense occurred April 24, and Garber served the warrant Sunday.

• Shelquandra Morris, 27, of East Hyco Road, South Boston faces a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery.

The alleged offense occurred Thursday, and Capt. D. H. Barksdale served the warrant Sunday.

• Jasmine Rose Ramirez, 26, of Loop Road, Vernon Hill faces a charge of being drunk in public, according to South Boston Police Department records.

Officer L. Perkins served the warrant Tuesday.