Averett University President Dr. Tiffany M. Franks and Danville Community College (DCC) President Dr. Jackie Gill Powell have signed an articulation agreement and a community educational partnership agreement between the two schools in order to make the transfer process to Averett smooth for graduates of DCC. This is the tenth criminal justice articulation agreement that Averett has created with its surrounding community colleges in three years, and the eighth with DCC.

The agreement is designed to serve as a pathway to increase criminal justice educational access, options and opportunities for current and aspiring criminal justice practitioners. The articulation agreement focuses on traditional students studying sociology and criminal justice, allowing for students who have completed a DCC’s Associate in Applied Science degree in administration of justice to transfer to Averett University and continue their education to earn a Bachelor of Science in sociology/criminal justice. The students will enter Averett with a junior status and can expect to graduate after completing a minimum of 60 credits at Averett.

The community educational partnership agreement, geared toward adult students entering Averett’s Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program, guarantees acceptance of any DCC student to Averett who has completed an associate degree. All the students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

“Averett is proud to partner with DCC to create a pathway for criminal justice students to continue their education here at the University. Like DCC, Averett continues to find new and innovative ways to serve Danville and the surrounding area so students can remain close to home while continuing their education,” said Franks.

Both the community educational partnership agreement and the articulation agreement allow for a seamless evolution for students to move onto a four-year university, including many scholarship and financial aid options. Members of Phi Theta Kappa, the community college honor society, are automatically awarded a $2,000 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship once they are admitted to Averett University.