Halifax County High School’s robotics team, Team 977 Cometbots, lands a spot in the FIRST Robotics World Championship after competing in the district level and winning the Excellence In Engineering Award.

The Halifax County High School robotics team 977, the Cometbots, fared well in the beginning of the FIRST World Competition in Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday winning three out of four qualification matches.

After spending Wednesday building their pit and getting ready for inspections, the Cometbots began the qualifications rounds on Thursday.

During the first round, the Cometbots competed in an alliance along with Team 2177 of Mendota Heights, Minnesota, and Team 1747 of West Lafayette, Indiana.

Their alliance came out on top with a final score of 82, with their competitors gaining 74 points.

Unfortunately, after a close battle, the Cometbots and their alliance lost their second match 75 to 89.

During that match, the Cometbots competed along with Team 2168 of Groton, Connecticut, and Team 6574 of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

The Cometbots noted on their Facebook page they experienced some issues with their robot and would spend some times in the pits fixing it.

With their newly fixed robot, the Cometbots came back into the third match swinging and snatching a 90 to 57 win along with Team 2451 of Saint Charles, Illinois, and Team 3357 of Grand Rapids of Michigan.

They came out on top once again when their alliance with Team 7457 of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Team 3572 of Norton Shores, Michigan, gained 106 points to the other alliance’s score of 70.

At the end of the four qualification matches on Thursday, the Cometbots were 3-1 and were ranked seventh out of 68 in their subdivision.

Qualification matches will continue Friday starting at 8:21 a.m.

The qualification matches will be followed by sub-division playoff matches, the Einstein Round Robin Tournament and final matches on Saturday.

Each team consists of one coach, one technician and three drive team members.

While at the World Competition, the Cometbots also are having the chance to network and attend conference sessions in areas such as technical resources, education, diversity and inclusion, innovation and entrepreneurship and alumni and career.

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