The Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation and its scholarship sponsors awarded more than 70 scholarships to these students and others at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center last year.

The Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation (foundation) and its scholarship sponsors awarded more than 70 scholarships to students at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) in 2018. By obtaining new scholarships and awarding scholarships throughout the year, the foundation was able to assist significantly more students than in the past. This is a milestone event for the foundation and for the center.

“One of the primary missions of the foundation is to make education more affordable. Our scholarship program directly helps so many students; it is a source of great pride for the foundation,” said Monica Edmonds, scholarship committee chair.

Working with Edmonds on the scholarship committee are foundation board members Dr. Joe Ferguson, Linda Owen and Ryan Garrett, president and chairman of the board.

“This year marks the 14th consecutive year in which the foundation has awarded scholarships to outstanding students. Empowering individuals to reach their full potential through awareness of, and access to, affordable education is our mission. The foundation is elated to award scholarships to so many deserving individuals as they further their education and pursue their dreams,” said Katrina Powell, the foundation’s new executive director.

The foundation offers seven different scholarships to provide financial assistance to individuals in various fields of study. The 2018 scholarship recipients pursued studies in everything from health care and criminal justice to IT and welding. Though their programs differed, a common theme among the recipients was that receiving a foundation scholarship made their education possible.

“I thought I was going to receive financial aid, but I didn’t,” said Lenardre Faulkner who is pursuing studies in IT and music and received the Penick Scholarship. “I was going to have to pay out of pocket, but I wasn’t financially prepared to do that. Without the scholarship I would’ve had to delay my studies,” he said.

Trina Morris echoed his statement when she said, “The SVHEF Scholarship made it possible for me to do the program.”

Morris is enrolled in the IT Academy and hopes that completing the program will allow her to advance in her career as a teacher.

The foundation awards the following scholarships:

• Rotary/Ancheta Scholarships are offered to Halifax County residents who are studying in the medical field. The late Dr. Ancheta created these scholarships in conjunction with the South Boston Rotary Club as a means to help ensure the supply of health care workers for many years to come.

• The Hope-Tone Scholarship was established in 2003 and updated in 2018 as a tribute to Chris Lumsden’s mother, Avelta Hope Arthur Lumsden, and father, Buford Tone Lumsden. It is designated to assist nursing/medical students.

• Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) is a truly responsible member of the community and has provided scholarships every year since 2003.

• The Penick Scholarship Fund was created by the Penick family in 2006 as a memorial to their mother, Virginia Penick, an honored educator.

• The Ann Chesley Edmunds Scholarship Fund was created by the Sterling Edmunds family to honor their mother. It is awarded to residents of Mecklenburg County.

• The Leggett Leadership Scholarship was endowed in 2012 by the foundation to honor Tommy Leggett’s service to the foundation.

• Since 2005 the Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation (SVHEF) has awarded their own signature scholarships in the name of the foundation. One of the foundation’s key principles is to keep education affordable; scholarships help fill funding gaps and allow students to focus on learning.

• The Microsoft Scholars program is our newest scholarship. It is designed to help certificate program students complete the entire IT Academy.

The Microsoft Scholars Program is the foundation’s newest award, and was established by Microsoft to support trainees in the SVHEC’s IT Academy.

“The Microsoft Scholars Program is a great example of how the foundation, the SVHEC and our community partners are working together to increase access and affordability for educational programs in southern Virginia,” said Powell.

“We are so grateful to the foundation for their commitment to the scholarship program. These awards are so important because they are a ticket for students and trainees to get onto a career pathway that can change their life. Without these scholarships, many would not be able to access the opportunities we provide,” said Dr. Betty H. Adams, SVHEC executive director.

This is the first year in which scholarships were awarded throughout the year in response to the changing needs of students and workforce trainees at the SVHEC.

The 2018 scholarship recipients included the following:

• Angelica Anjos Alves, IT Academy, Microsoft

• Prince Cedric Arrington, Education, Penick

• Justin Arthur, Welding, ODEC

• Andrew Lee Barksdale, IT Academy, Microsoft

• Charles Barksdale, Welding, ODEC

• Abdulla H. Bell, Security+, SVHEF

• Richard Ethan Blanks , Marketing, Leggett

• D’yana Alexandra Bouldin, Education, SVHEF

• Morgan Mackenzie Bowen, IST Networking, Penick

• Terrell C. Brickhouse, IT Academy, Microsoft

• Tyree KaShawn Brooks, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Denise W. Bullock, Human Services, Penick

• Timothy Wayne Byrd, IST Networking, SVHEF

• Terrell Jevan Carden, General Study, Penick

• Amir Rashawn Chandler, Welding, ODEC

• Dale Edward Conner, IT Academy, Leggett

• Nicholas Blake Conner, IT Academy, SVHEF

• James Watkins Crews, Welding, ODEC

• Billie Jo Davis, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Christopher James Domenici, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Adam Michael Epps, Welding, ODEC

• Jennifer Lynne Epps, IT Academy, Microsoft

• Nicholas Scott Fallen, Welding, ODEC

• David Wayne Farmer, IT Network+, SVHEF

• Lenardre D. Faulkner, IT & Music, Penick

• Shawn Faulkner, Welding, ODEC

• Marcella Ann Featherston, Business Mgmt., Leggett

• Cindy Gosney Fisher, IT Network+, SVHEF

• Michael Dale Gordon, IST Networking, Leggett

• Emma Lesley Gould, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Nicholas Daniel Grove, Welding, ODEC

• Dominique Nicole Guthrie, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Shin Yu Jang, IT Academy, Microsoft

• Enley Davon Jeffers, IT Academy, Leggett

• Carla Wood Jeffreys, Nursing, SVHEF

• Jalia V. Jeffreys , Health Science, SVHEF

• Andrew Mark Lankford, Welding, ODEC

• Randi Erin Lee, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Jamesse Hart Mays, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Sophia Renee McCargo, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Robert Ashanti Metz, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Gladys Moore, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Trina M. Morris, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Sara Elizabeth Moser, Criminal Justice, SVHEF

• Peyton Mackenzie Myers, Nursing, SVHEF

• Deonte Lamar Nelson, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Alexis Cierra Oliver, Medical-Nursing, Edmunds

• Jacob Edward Owen, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Florence-Ann Ozoude, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• Charles Harrison Parker, Welding, ODEC

• William Edward Perdue, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Cassidy Reeves-Zuniga, Medical-Nursing, Hope-Tone

• John M. Roark, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Lamont Thomas Roberts, IT Network+, SVHEF

• Estefania Saenz-Moreno, Medical-Nursing, Rotary/Ancheta

• Caroline Fleming Satterfield, Medical-Nursing, Rotary/Ancheta

• Dwight Scott Slagle, Welding, ODEC

• Tyra Sharnell Smalls, General Studies, SVHEF

• Andre O’Brien Smith, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Adam Berkley Snead, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Michael Lewis Terry, Welding, ODEC

• Rashawn Aleck Terry, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Jay Martin Tingen, Welding, ODEC

• Pamela Marie Toombs, Mechatronics, SVHEF

• Hueburt Sylvester Vass, IT Academy, SVHEF

• Danielle Shanta Wade, Criminal Justice, Leggett

• Matthew Dylan Waller, Liberal Arts, Leggett

• Tiffeny Rebecca West, IT Academy, Microsoft

• Corey Dorsett Williams, Welding, ODEC

• Jaade Masha Williams, IST Networking, Leggett

• Victor Nickolay Yore, Mechatronics, ODEC

The foundation scholarships are available for degree and certificate programs that are held at or through the SVHEC, and for trainees in SVHEC Workforce Training Programs. Applications are available at, and at the SVHEC.