ACE Team

Members of the Halifax County High School ACE Team compete against Martinsville High School Monday evening. Halifax is 6 and 0 on the season, and is the only team undefeated.

The Halifax County High School ACE team is first in the district and the only team undefeated.

Standing at 6 and 0 in the week four standings of the Scholastic Bowl Piedmont District, the HCHS ACE team has garnered 1,090 points.

This ranking follows their Monday evening win when they defeated Martinsville in their three-session double header.

Their three-sessions include a toss-up session where the first to buzz in with the correct answer wins, a directed session where they work as a team to provide the correct answer and another toss-up session.

During the first toss-up session of the first match of Monday’s Scholastic Bowl, HCHS ACE team member Justin Pool led his team with 40 points.

Ethan Kirkhart and Ram DeVera each added 20 points a piece, giving Halifax 80 points in the first toss-up session.

Kirkhart and Pool joined Preston Simpson and Savannah Overby for the directed session, and they earned 20 points compared to Martinsville’s 50.

Pool and Kirkhart were both top scorers in the second toss-up session each earning 30 points a piece, followed by DeVera with 20 points giving Halifax a total of 80 points.

This allowed Halifax to end the first match of the day with 180 points compared to Martinsville’s 115.

The second match began with Kirkhart leading his team in points during the first toss-up session with 40 points followed by Pool with 30 points. Combined with DeVera’s 20 points, Halifax earned 90 points.

Kirkhart and Pool joined Andrew Kim and Lydia Parker for the directed session, and they earned 20 points compared to Martinville’s 50.

Pool led the second toss-up session with 20 points, and Kirkhart and DeVera each earned 10 points a piece, giving Halifax another 40 points.

The second match of the Scholastic Bowl ended with Halifax having a score of 150 defeating Martinsville, who had a score of 100.

Prior to Monday’s Scholastic Bowl, Halifax defeated Patrick County on Nov. 8 earning 190 points in one match compared to their 80 points. In another match, Halifax garnered 170 points and Patrick County had 130 points.

On Oct. 25, they defeated Magna Vista High School with one match resulting in Halifax earning 170 points compared to their 155, and in the second match, Halifax produced 230 points to their 90.

On average, the HCHS ACE team receives 182 points a match.

Following Halifax in the Piedmont District standings are Tunstall High School in second place and Magna Vista High School in third place.

Members of the HCHS Ace team include DeVera, Kirkhart, Simpson, Overby, Kim, Parker, Heather Grim, Trevor Pope, Francesca Potenza and Jade Smith.

The team is coached by by Lisa Ray.

Their next meet is Monday away at Bassett High School.