Last week, Halifax County High School teachers celebrated three high achieving individuals as part of their student shout out program.

They celebrated two nominees from Angela Abdi and Ann Franklin’s Algebra class, Dallas Thompson and Khali Garrett.

Franklin said, “Dallas is an exceptional student! She puts forth effort and strives to do her best always. We appreciate Dallas because not all students have the same ambition during difficult times!”

About Khali she wrote, “Khali shows up and always gives his best! He participates faithfully and always strives to do well. His efforts do not go unnoticed and we want him to be recognized.”

Both Shannon Bird and Jessy Saunders nominated Cody Davis.

Davis has an extra challenge this school year, because he receives paper packets, but his teachers say he is doing a fantastic job keeping up with his work.

Bird said Davis “...has turned his packet on time, if not early every week. He also writes encouraging notes to me in the packets about how well I am doing.»

Saunders echoed the praise saying, “Out of all of my students, he is the most reliable. He turns in his packet every Monday like clockwork.”

“It takes real commitment from students and families to stay on top of paper packets, and we are so proud of Cody for all of his hard work,” the high school teachers said.