OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT on Halifax County Middle School Writing Club students’ work under the direction of HCMS English teacher Tiffany Whitlow 

The following Halifax County Middle School Writing Club students’ work is recognized.  


By Jada Hamlett

When I listen to certain types of music it’s like the song knows my life. Most songs I listen to I can compare my life to, I even look up on the internet the artists when they were younger to see the similarities they may have with me or a family member. I’m Jada Hamlett, and I’m an eighth grade student at Halifax County Middle School.

One of my favorite artists is Lizzo, and my favorite song by her is “Truth Hurts.” I can relate to that song, and hearing it makes my entire day. If I don’t get to listen to that song, I get upset. Some of my family members listen to Lizzo’s songs too. I love to listen to music all the time. 

I am a member of the middle school band, and I use to be in the Halifax County High School band, too. The high school’s music comes from the radio, and members learn how to play the songs over and over until they have it perfected. The reason I joined the high school band is because they actually play songs I like.

In the future I want to try to create music myself. If I need help, I know I could ask Mrs. Heath or Mr. Stevens, the band teachers of the middle and high school. If I need help with vocal notes I could ask Mr. Woosley, the middle school chorus teacher.  

I really want to be successful like most of my favorite artists. They all pushed very hard to get to the position that they are now.

Jada Hamlet lives in Virgilina


Importance of rules

By Sah’Miya Guy

Why are rules important, and why should we follow them? My name is Sah’Miya Guy, and I’m an eighth grade student at Halifax County Middle School.

Rules are guidelines or instructions of doing something correctly. It is very important to understand the purpose of a rule. Rules are based on values of fairness, justice and equality. It is also part of helping young people to learn self-discipline, respect for others and to take responsibilities for their actions. Rules are most used to keep you safe and make your life better.

Rules are good here at the middle school. They help students to be responsible, organized, accountable and respectful. They are also used to stop fights from happening. 

There are rules almost everywhere you go, and they can protect you. Following rules help you understand what is expected and what will happen if you violate them. It is best to obey the rules to prevent yourself from getting hurt or getting in trouble.

Sah’Miya Guy lives in Halifax


Grades and scores matter

By Adreana Mease

As a student at Halifax County Middle School, grades matter. My name is Adreana Mease, and I’m an eighth grade student. I care about my grades a lot. My grades tell me where I will go in life and what kind of job I will have. My SOL score can tell me more like if I’m going to make it into the college I want.

My parents expect me to get a good score on my SOLs (and good grades), so I’ll be able to get a scholarship and live my dream of becoming a manga artist. My teachers also expect my grades to be good. If I ever get a bad grade, my parents and my teachers will be very disappointed in me, because they all have high expectations for me.

I think all children all over the world should be able to go to school and learn as much as they possibly can. All children should work as hard as possible to get good grades and be able to go to the university they deserve. There are so many children that would love to go to school or college that can’t always go. There are also children who take advantage of school and their ability to go to college by not working as hard and choosing other things over school work. Hopefully, someday these children will learn that life isn’t always fun and games, and their SOL scores and grades will reflect what they’re doing.

My score on my SOLs and grades determine if I get in my dream college, Ringling College of Art and Design.  I can’t wait until I’ll be able to go to college, but first I need to continue working hard in school.

Adreana Mease lives in Alton


Passion for music

By Jelontre Dunkley 

Music brings a lot of people together. 

I’m Jelontre Dunkley, and I’m an eighth grade student at Halifax County Middle School, and I’m passionate about music. Music is something I’d love to start a career in. It can speak to you and help you through the hard times.

In the book, “I Will Always Write Back,” the main characters Caitlyn and Martin used music to make it seem like they were together even though they were in different countries. Music can bring us all together.

I’m in the Halifax County Middle and High School bands. I play snair for the middle school and cymbals for the high school. I have been to Virginia State University, and I play at football games, basketball games and attend competitions. My favorite place to play of all time is Virginia International Raceway (VIR) located in Alton.

I’m passionate about music, because it makes me happy. I always listen to music. My favorite song is “Dark Knight” by Trippie Redd. 

Being in the band, we play music from all different genres. Band has helped my passion for music grow.

Jelontre Dunkley lives in South Boston


School is cool

By Me’Sharlia Fountain

I’m a student at Halifax County Middle school. My name is Me’Sharlia Fountain, and I’m in the eighth grade. School is an important part of a child’s life. You should want and love coming to school. Do you know where you would be without school?

Learning will always be with you, whatever you do. School is where you learn, and you will carry this all through your life. Always try your best in whatever you do. Stay focused and be dedicated in your work. You should come to school with a positive attitude and ready to learn. As a student in honors, you should study, stay focused, dedicated and have perseverance.

Never drop out of school, because you need a diploma for most jobs. People will think you have a bad reputation. If you drop out, you will not be in a good situation. What would you do for a living? How would you live your life? If school is getting hard to comprehend, go to your teachers for extra help. You could even get a tutor. 

Would you rather be a drop out or a high school graduate? Stay in school and do the best you can. Think positive, be brave and dream big. Be bold. Be you.

Me’Sharlia Fountain of Scottsburg