The Halifax County High School FFA Chapter travelled to the Virginia State Fair that ran from Sept. 27-Oct. 4 for annual competitions.

Students competed in lawn tractor safety, forestry field day, horticulture demonstration, agriculture demonstration, forestry judging and hippology.

Michael Satterfield and Harrison Wynn kicked off the week of competitions on Sept. 27 by competing in lawn tractor safety. This was the first time HCHS FFA competed in this particular event. Wynn placed 16th, and Satterfield placed 18th out of 30 competitors.

HCHS FFA returned on Tuesday, Oct. 1, with two teams to compete in forestry field day.

The senior team consisted of Satterfield and Landon Morgan for two-man saw, Casey Garland for log throw, Sabrina Covington for bow saw, Wynn for water accuracy and Mason Meade and Jordan Layne for log roll.

The junior team included Ethan Terry for bow saw, Jessica Wilborn for water accuracy, and Breyer Matthews for log throw. Wynn took home fifth place in water accuracy.

HCHS FFA competed in ag demo and hort demo on Wednesday Oct. 2. These two events require students to give a demonstration about agriculture or horticulture topics.

Covington and Katelyn Snead prepared a horticulture demonstration about burley tobacco.

Tylik Elam and Bethany Comer presented an ag demo about proper hedgehog care.

Matthews and Morgan demonstrated how to properly clean a lawn mower carburettor and placed 13th out of 22 competitors.

HCHS FFA took three teams to compete in forestry judging on Thursday Oct. 3. Team A consisted of Dylan Irby, Casy Garland, Satterfield and Joseph Wilson, and they finished 11th out of 59 teams. Irby placed 15th, and Garland placed 24th out of the 202 individuals who competed.

Team B included Jordan Coleman, Zyray Edmonds, Bethany Comer and Wesley Elliott. The junior team members were Morgan, Matthews, Mark Betts and Wilborn.

The FFA hippology team wrapped up the week on Friday, Oct. 4, with their first hippology competition of the year. Two senior teams and one junior team went.

The senior teams consisted of Elam, Howell, Covington, Bethany Comer, Bridget Comer, Jordan Conner, Hunter Comer, Zyray Edmonds and Emma Wheeler.

Junior team members were Morgan, Sibionna Hankins-Dixon, Sebastion Conner and Matthews, and they placed eighth in their competition.

“As the Virginia State Fair competitions come to a close, the HCHS FFA advisors would like to congratulate and thank each student for participating in this year’s events. We are so proud of our members and are excited to see what else this year holds for our chapter,” said sponsor Megan Throckmorton.