Joe Bloom, plant manager at Huber, and Regina Hairston, in human resources, pose with interns Armiche Crawley and Nick Rosche.

How does one get experience when they can’t get hired because they don’t have experience?

That’s the age-old question many young people face as they enter the job market.

Much like which came first: the chicken or the egg, getting experience without an opportunity proves to hinder the younger generation.

Armiche Crawley and Nick Rosche have learned there are ways to avoid that situation if time is used wisely.

Both are spending their summer working as interns at Huber.

Joe Bloom, plant manager, said both are doing a “wonderful job” and he is pleased to have them there.

Many organizations are willing for young people to come and work with them as interns as they learn and gain experience while pursuing an education.

Crawley graduated from Halifax County High School in May and Rosche just finished his second year at Virginia Tech.

Crawley will join him at Virginia Tech this fall as both are pursuing a degree in Engineering.

What better way to learn the trade while attending school? It is these types of programs that give young people the upper hand in becoming employed when they finish their education.

Not only are they showing a potential employer that they do have experience but that they showed initiative to go out and seek that opportunity as well.

Any junior or senior in high school interested in this type of experience can contact Debra Woltz at 434-575-1989 or for information.