One of two transformers feeding Halifax County High School is currently being jumped by the other, according to Jeremy Slayton of media relations with Dominion Energy.

This a temporary solution provided by Dominion Energy after the school had a power outage on Monday, July 29.

Scott Worner, interim director of secondary education, said the outage could have occurred anytime between that Thursday and Monday, since the school was not open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When they found out on Monday the power was out, principal Michael Lewis decided to send everyone home for the day, and Dominion Energy workers rectified the situation by 2:15 p.m. that Monday.

Slayton simply said the “cables failed,” and when they did, a crew installed a temporary solution to the underground lines.

He explained one transformer, that is running three lines, is being used to jump another transformer.

“It did have three lines,” said Slayton, who said over time, the lines failed.

The last time a line failed was a little less than three years ago, he added.

As Worner put it, “There’s no spare tire anymore.”

This time when the power went out, he said it was down for five to six hours, but next time, he said it could be anywhere from five to six days.

Slayton said Dominion is “exploring options to find a more permanent solution.”

He said they’re working on a proposal, and they’re being cautious due to the lines being underground and because of the wooden terrain located behind the high school.

Because it hasn’t been approved, he said further details could not be released at this time.

When deciding when and how to address the power situation at the high school, the debate regarding building or renovating Halifax County High School “has definitely been part of the discussion” by Dominion Energy.

Slayton hopes to have details to release on the proposal soon.

In the meantime, Worner said everything is fully operational at the high school, and he said they were fortunate the power outage happened during the summertime.

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