Halifax County School Board members approved the following personnel report when they met Monday at Sinai Elementary School:

Appointment of Ryan Harris as a special education teacher at Halifax County Middle School with a salary of $39,624;

• Appointment of Brandy Elliott to teach math during third block for $45.02 per day beginning March 4;

• Appointment of Anna Shotwell to teach math during fourth block for $42.17 per day beginning March 14;

• Resignation of Sydnor Jennings Elementary first grade teacher Jennifer Clark effective April 12;

• Leave of absence for Tina Logan;

• Retirement of STEM pharmacy tech teacher Laura C. Edwards effective June 1; 

• Retirement of Sydnor Jennings Elementary speech language pathologist Constance Slagle effective June 1; 

• Retirement of Cluster Springs Elementary kindergarten teacher Anne Meeks effective June 1; 

• Resignation of Halifax County High School custodian Ashley Crews Jones effective Jan. 31;

• Resignation of bus driver Kenneth Walton effective April 1; 

• Retirement of Halifax County Middle School SPED paraprofessional Toni Jennings effective June 1; 

• Retirement of Clays Mill Elementary food service employee Geraldine Stephens effective June 1; 

• Appointment of Tasha Chambers, Russell Cook, Kristen Gentry, Dawn Gatrell-Tuck, Willa Hatcher, Anna Saunders, Dollie Williams and Monica Williams to serve as substitute teachers;

• Appointment of Lydia Burke-Jackson, Brenda Claughton and Sylvia Tucker as substitute custodians; 

• Resignation of Halifax County Middle School assistant golf coach Mary “Suzanne” Mele effective March 7.