Parents, guardians and school officials learned what could be hidden in plain sight in a teenager’s room at an event of the same name recently held at Halifax County High School.

Master Police Officer Mike Grant and others with Culpeper Police Department teamed up with Southside Community Services to bring the interactive program to the high school to teach signs of risky behavior.

Using an exhibit designed to resemble a teenager’s bedroom containing 150 plus items, which may be indicative of dangerous risky behaviors, they covered topics including substance use, violence, eating disorders, crime, technology, risky games and risky challenges.

They spoke of how a bedroom of an average teenager could be a well-planned illusion and invited guests to spend the first 30 minutes snooping in the room to find items and objects that could indicate risky behavior.

A PowerPoint presentation was provided describing each prop that should have been located, and each prop was explained as to how it could be used as a tool for risky behavior.

Data statistics and items to watch for in the home also were provided.

This program is provided free of charge by the Culpeper Police Department Community Policing Section.